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Stephanie Howse is a caregiver, mentor and courageous leader committed to building community connections where people are valued and have opportunities to thrive. Presently as a State Representative for Ohio’s 11th House District, Stephanie is a voice and champion for women and families, communities who have been systematically shut-out from the American Dream and people who are disconnected from government systems.


Community Building 

  • A Ward 7 where RESIDENTS get to know each other, look out for each other, and build toget

  • Fulling the Vision

    • Conduct a Ward 7 Resident Survey

    • Creation of a Ward 7 Directory 

    • Introduce legislation based on the Loving Cities Index, a framework that draws from the wisdom of communities and a strong research base to identify 25 indicators that represent supports associated with academic and economic success.

Entrepreneurship & Economics

  • A Ward 7 where RESIDENTS can have economic stability, create partnerships to invest together and benefit from the revitalization happening in our Ward 7 community.  


  • Fulling the Vision

    • Creation of the Ward 7 Entrepreneurs Profile Book

    • Market and expand the Ward 7 Neighborhood Career Hotline

    • Introduce legislation that focuses on investments in home ownership, home rehabilitation and property taxes stabilization, designed around the median Ward 7 resident household income of $16,000


Healing and Restoration 

  • A Ward 7 where RESIDENTS can identify the harm they have experienced, connect to community resources to heal from the harm experienced and contribute their talents for a thriving Ward 7 community.

  • Fulling the Vision

    • Connection to the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse

    • Partnership with organizations dedicated to family reunification and family stabilization.

    • Introduce legislation that focuses on dispatching crisis intervention specialist during a behavioral health crisis. 

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