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Community Building 

A Ward 7 where RESIDENTS get to know each other, look out for each other, and build together.


Entrepreneurship & Economics

A Ward 7 where RESIDENTS can have economic stability, create partnerships to invest together and benefit from the revitalization happening in our Ward 7 community.  

Healing and Restoration

A Ward 7 where RESIDENTS can identify the harm they have experienced, connect to community resources to heal from the harm experienced and contribute their talents for a thriving Ward 7 community.



Meet Stephanie

State Representative Stephanie Howse

for Ward 7 Cleveland City Council

Stephanie Howse is a caregiver, mentor, and courageous leader committed to building community connections where people are valued and have opportunities to thrive. Presently as a State Representative for Ohio’s 11th House District, Stephanie is a voice and champion for women and families, communities who have been systematically shut out from the American Dream, and people who are disconnected from government systems.

Voting is a fundamental right that many have fought for, and remain to do so today. Check out this video above that shows me currently fighting for us to vote:

You Should

Why should you vote?


Voting is one of our most strongest and most powerful tools we have to bring change in our community. Through voting, we are able to choose who represents us. At the local level we also get to choose what issues on the ballot become new legislation and whether or not local taxes are increased or decreased.



Join the conversation

Ready to take action & get



Passion for People

Stephanie’s notable accomplishments in the Ohio General Assembly are 

  • PASSING LEGISLATION  allocating $11 million dollars to address infant and maternal mortality in Ohio

  • ADVOCATING, she spoke  out on the system of racism in America and the negative impacts racism has on community vibrancy and addressed over 3,100 constituent cases for residents in House District 11 (Cleveland, Garfield Heights, Newburgh Heights

  • SECURING over $20 million dollars for capital projects and support for House District 11 organizations


Commitment to Serve

Stephanie's commitments to Ward 7


  • CHAMPIONING LEGISLATION to Improve the Quality of Life for Ward 7 Residents

  • BUILDING with Ward 7 Residents for Clean and Safe Neighborhoods 

  • COMMUNICATING with monthly community meetings and newsletters to keep Ward 7 Residents informed

Let’s Engage

Address: 1804 E. 93rd St, Cleveland, OH 44106 / Phone Number: (216) 407-0876 / Email:

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Passion for People, Commitment to Serve

Name, Title

Ward 7 includes the neighborhoods of: Downtown, Fairfax, Goodrich – Kirtland Park, Hough, and St. Clair-Superior.

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